Kirk Moffitt, PhD

Image & display solutions:

Human Factors Consultant


Design of color graphics for visiblility and intuitive understanding

     • Performance testing in daylight and low-light conditions

     • Color contrast and size modeling in three-dimensional color spaces

     • Testing with night-vision imagery

     • Development of Excel vision and color calculations

Augmented reality (AR)

     • Understanding of real, virtual and apparent image distance

     • Design for the interplay of virtual and real images and objects

     • AR action and perception outcomes

     • Solving the "Blue" problem

Monocular displays

     • Analysis of binocular behavior

     • Design for image size and position

     • Fatigue and eyestrain

Extending the field-of-view

     • Partial overlap solutions and trade-offs

     • Mixed resolution solutions and trade-offs

     • Pairing FOV with task or experience

Stereo images

     • Design for interplay with real displays and objects

     • Minimize fatigue and eyestrain

Anthropometry & designing for different groups

     • Using the existing military and civilian databases

     • Improvising when no database exists

     • Estimating pupil positio

My tools and resources

     • Statistical analyses and presentation using R and Excel

     • Animated prototypes and presentations using Poser & MotionArtist

     • Report illustrations using Poser, GraphicConverter & iDraw

     • Test imagery constructed with GraphicConverter & iDraw

     • Data modeling using R & Excel

Let me help you conceptualize, design and test your next-generation head- or body-mounted, handheld, desktop or integrated display or imaging device. Infusing usability into your product at the earliest possible design phase will be repayed in increased sales and fewer calls for customer service. I have a deep understanding of the interplay and equivalence of perception and action, and these concepts underlie the utility and preference for human-intensive display products and systems.

Color science and display usability

XR: AR, VR & MR design and utility

Binocular viewing: Alignment and depth

Monocular viewing: A challenging design

Field-of-view: How much and how to get it

Defining the correct head and body posture for viewing comfort